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Author Topic: Kick bins and tops for labs.  (Read 397 times)

Scott Holtzman

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Re: Kick bins and tops for labs.
« Reply #10 on: Today at 02:21:50 am »

Thanks for all your input everyone! I hear what you're saying about the UX8800. It's a lot of money and so are kf series speakers. Thats my main issue. Am open to them in the future but have recently stumbled upon an opportunity to buy X8 Meyer MSL3a cabs for $3000 total. I think that's a steal even at their age plus he's throwing in the M3A processor. What are you're thoughts on them? They spec down to 75hz but would love to get some DS2 bins to take some of the stress off the tops. All parts are original though and I don't' have an opportunity to inspect the msl's since they are in Florida (I'm in Washington) Also yes Steven and Mark they are the subwoofer bandpass.

Also thanks Tim I will look into the peter morris designs for sure! Definitely not going for the EV either now.

Edit: Here is the link for the sale:
I have 12 Meyer 650R2's powered by 12x Yammie PS8k's 6 per rack and one Meyer processor per rack.  Some of the subs had been reconed with the wrong kits,  all were redone with proper Meyer kita and fresh ferrofluid by Keith Steele, a Meyer genius and 6 of these actually were part of the Meyer/Gamble rig Steele ran at Nelson Ledges in the 90's.

These boxes have been taken care of and 12 of them are devestating while retaining the Meyer musicality. 

I have entertained replacing these with powered subs as we run them with our 16 boxes of FBT Muse 210LA's. 

If you end up with the Meyer boxes these could be an a good pairing.  They would be less cost than building the labs and we have recone kits and baskets that would go with the deal.

We have these booked all summer and anyone serious needs to come setup and run them to see if they are their cup tea.

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Chris Grimshaw

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Re: Kick bins and tops for labs.
« Reply #11 on: Today at 03:49:09 am »

Thank you for this info Chris! Very helpful, however I want to avoid building tops (Although the Peter Morris designs have me intrigued)

Fair enough.

I had a quick look at the Meyer boxes you've mentioned and I think two per side would do just fine for you. They're 70-degree (horizontal) cabinets, so if you use 2/side you've got 140 degree coverage. I can't really think of a situation where you'd need all eight of them unless you wanted to overlap the coverage for some reason.

That said, 4x for FOH and 2x for monitors (I assume this is a system for DJ use) and 2x spare would be just fine.

Sheffield-based sound engineering.
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