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Boomy or Hollow sound


Cliff Jeffrey:
HI there, I am fairly new to sound, Have moved and am looking at helping with sound in my new church. It seems they need someone and I have a little knowledge, just enough to be dangerous!!!! I am at the point that i now realize how much I do not know. Been reading in the study hall, other links in discussions and other sites.

Last Sunday someone else was running sound. I have not started yet, just asked me this week. There was a "empty rain barrel" or boomy sound from the song leaders mic. Cheap headset (not sure of brand) and infront of the main speakers, female singer.

I have sweepable mids on the board. I am thinking I can use these to remove the boominess? Any ideas what frequencies to start with?

Thanks for any help, sure i will be back as I start doing it.


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