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Need help to design Audio, video and lighting for new church


Sola Babalola:

We are in the process of designing a church building, we have architect and contractor working on the building.

I'm looking for a professional that can help with acoustic/sound, A/V and lighting for our new Sanctuary. Our church is growing and the new building will seat about 500 people.

Please let me know if you have done similar design recently or if you know someone that can help with this.



Brad Weber:
There are some questions that may help narrow down what you are looking for.  Are you looking for someone to design the systems, perhaps putting that design out to bid or adding it to your current contractor's scope, or are you wanting a company that will design the systems, sell you the related equipment and install everything?  Where are you in the building process, it still a design on paper or are you well into the physical construction?  Would you like the company to also potentially address acoustics?  Do you have a budget that you are willing to share?  Is your Architect open to working with whomever you choose or do they have some preferences?


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