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Free Wireless Seminar


Howard Kaufman:
I just wanted to point the list to a seminar that might be of interest that we are co-sponsoring with Mix and S&VC magaizines.  It's titled "Wireless Theater: Optimizing Systems for Vocal Clarity". arget=registration.jsp&eventid=273949&sessionid=1&am p;key=14869295FA86C566D10B1C8D51247C0D&partnerref=MIXNEW S&sourcepage=register

It is free and will be held online on Tuesday, Feb. 8th, at 2:00 p.m. ET.


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Howard Kaufman:
In the interest of clarity I would like to point out that this "webinar" is being produced by the editors of Mix and Sound & Video Contractor magazines, and sponsored by Lectrosonics.

In their description, the organizers say: "we’ll go behind the scenes with the talented production crew at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco to break down the process of setting up a wireless infrastructure, from concealing mics and transmitters on actors to dialing in the proper frequencies to feeding the house console."  More info is available by following the above link.  I just wanted to make it more clear who is presenting.  As sponsors we are not creating the content.  It is being presented as a generic tech topic, although I believe you will likely see some Lectrosonics gear being used to demonstrate with.  Beyond that I don't know much more.  I hope this helps.



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