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Yamaha LS9 Help...


Timothy C. Lee:
I am having the worst time trying to get the effects on a Yamaha LS9-32 board to work.  I have routed plate reverb to use aux 16 as an input and output to the Stereo 4 channel.  I have sent signal via routing a signal through aux 16, but I don't get any metering or signal present lights in the plate reverb view.  I used the "rack 4" position to put the reverb in there.  I hope i am making sense.  Hopefully someone familiar with this board will know what I am doing wrong.  Do I need to setup the input and output of the reverb differently?  

Thanks for your help.


Taylor Phillips:
Can you get a screen shot, or a console file for us to look at? I think you're probably in rack space 8, rather than 4, since the LS9 doesn't let you put effects in the first four spaces. Anyway, press the mix 16 button twice to see sends on fader for that aux, and make sure the inputs you want to add reverb to are turned on. If they are, and turned up, go the 'Master' layer and make sure mix 16 is turned on.  Hope this helps.  If not, a screenshot or a file would help us help you.

Edit: Your routing looks like it should be fine, unless there's something you've missed.

Dick Rees:
Did you turn the channel send "on"?

See page 62 in the manual.

And remember that  rack spaces 1-4 are for GEQ's only.  You'll need to assign the EFX to any of the racks 5-8.

See page 152 in the manual.

Timothy C. Lee:
Thanks guys I had the inputs to the sends down.  So many fader layers I confused myself.  Thanks  for the help guys.



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