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new amp with crossover built in or sep. dsp unit


Russ Buck:
in the process of replacing our sanctuary speakers and here is my delima.  we have an older crown microtech 600 amp.  the plan was to utilize it for a few more years. and then use a sep. cross over unit, like the dbx driverack.  but the more I look at everything am I better to just buy a new amp with dsp built in.  I see a crown dsi-1000 that has processing built in for not that much more.  any advice?  the current plan is to fly a single EAW VR21 center, and place a single EAW VRS12 on the floor toward the front right corner.  

Tim Padrick:
The only trouble I have with that is if the amp fails, you have to borrow or rent an amp from the same series so you can load your settings.  If you have a separate DSP, any amp will do - you just need to adjust for the gain (if it's different).  (Of the folks I know personally, there have been no DSP failures, but a number of amp failures.)


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