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Portable PA active speakers

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Marcus Howell:

This is my first post her so hi to you all.

We are a small but growing church in the Midlands UK. We meet in a school hall, and the PA is slowly getting more sophisticated, as budget allows. However, we occasionally have a small teaching type service etc. in a local village hall. These venues are so small that there is hardly any need for  sound re-enforcement. But occasionally we need to do a DVD presentation  or the pastor has a sore throat and doesn't want to shout.

Can anyone recommend a pair of small and cheap professional speakers? I have a budget of

Dick Rees:

While not technically "PA" speakers, the Wharfdale Diamond 8.1 or 8.2 studio monitor speakers are very affordable and usable for your stated purpose.  The only thing you'll need to do is devise a way to deploy them as they do not have any mounting hardware but are meant to be table or shelf mounted.  I'd suggest simply making a small shelf-like platform to which you can attach a generic stand-mount bracket.  A bit of a raised edge all the way 'round and you're in business.  You could also make a hole in the platform through which the power and line cables could pass.

These little boxes are very good sounding and have both XLR and RCA connectors, so if you want to use them with a DVD player or laptop for power-point you needn't really use a mixer, just the proper RCA cable.  This lowers the bar for the casual users to the home stereo level.....not a bad deal.  They are also "near field" speakers and as such have a nice wide pattern and will not take the heads off of folks sitting in close proximity.

Good luck.

Lastly, they are made in the UK, so no big deal on VAT or other add-on charges.

Marcus Howell:

Many thanks for your reply and consideration.

I had not come across these before and they cetainly get some good write ups and they come in at

Andrew Cupples:
Hi Marcus,
You could consider using a single speaker, if it's only for vocal reinforcement, and occasional recorded music. Something like a Mackie SRM 350 for example, would be within your budget. Our local Cash Convertors is selling one for

Dick Rees:
There are no speakers made which will not suffer from transport without some kind of protection, either padded bags or road cases.  I simply use the boxes they came in complete with the styrofoam spacers.  If you want the cardboard boxes to last longer you can simply reinforce the corners with gaff tape all the way 'round.  I even cut some holes in mine for handles. The boxes, not the speakers.

For the money they're very , very hard to beat.


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