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secondary mixer for video camera


Shad Hall:

i hope this is the appropriate forum room to be posting this in...i have searched the forums for an answer to my question, but did not find/see a particular thread or post related specifically to it.

in short:
if you're videoing the church service for later posting on web sites, what would you look for when purchasing a secondary board for the video cameras?

[edit: do we even need one?]

in detail:
currently, we are using a&h's gl2800-32 with 4-matrix outs. hopefully, as of this sunday, 2 of the mono outs will go to a line level shifter and then to a camera as they video teams would like stereo audio. (currently, it's only one 1 mono matrix out to the back of the computer, i think is how what they are doing.)we have discussed the idea of a second small mixer (e.g. a&h's zed-10efx). i noticed an article around here on the importance of the sound tech to understand video, well, i'm on the war path.

what do we need to consider? if you know of a 101 article on the issue, i will gladly read it. i'm not merely asking someone else to do the legwork, i'll gladly do it myself if i knew what/how to search for what i'm looking for.


Shad Hall:
got it answered. will reply again with further details.


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