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Audio Cable Tester

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Ivan Beaver:
If you are of the DIY type, you can make a very effective checker (go-no go) out of a battery-a resistor and a couple of LED's.  It won't tell you what the problem is (short or open), it just tells you it isn't working.  But you have to open the connectors anyway to find the problem.

It works well for the "jiggle" test.  Plug it in and jiggle the cable around-if the light flashes you have a problem.  Better than having to push a "test" button.

Just wire the whole thing up in series.  You will need 1 led for 1/4" or NL2 cables and 2 led's for mic and NL4 cables.

My first checkers were this and they were cheap and worked great.

Tim Padrick:
I hate so say it (because it's a stolen design), but I use the Behringer.  Its ability to test intermittents has been very valuable.

The EWI has a very comprehensive I/O set, and tests up to 5 pins, so it works on MIDI cables and NL4s. cher_cutsheet.shtml


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