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70 volt auxilliary zone has low volume

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Jonathan Johnson:
Matt Carr wrote on Mon, 10 January 2011 10:40
Well, it has been interesting and informative reading all the replies. Thank you.
I discovered Saturday when I disconnected the speaker run at mid point I was able to identify a problem with the first section. I discovered one speaker connected to the 25V side of the transformer in an old office that's not currently being used. The church didn't even know it was in there. Once it was connected to 70V everything worked great, even on the 22awg wire.
Thanks for all the feedback.

That makes sense. I would expect the 25V winding to present a lower impedance to the system, which could overload the amp to the point of bringing down the voltage supplied to the rest of the system.

I have seen 70V systems with fuses in the speaker line where it leaves the amp, to protect against such problems as this. I'm not sure how to calculate what size of fuse is needed. Maybe one of the experts on here can enlighten us?


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