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Headset Mics

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Brian Ehlers:
For what it's worth, I'm a fan of the DPA 4066.  I chose it over the Countryman E6 based in part on comments I had heard from others about the durability of the E6 cables and connectors and the tendency for any single-ear mic to get displaced by head movement (this was before Countryman offered the earclip to help secure the mic to both ears).  Anyway, if you're willing to pay for the E6, you should also consider the 4066;  same ballpark, though you'll also need the little DPA adapter between 4066 and beltpack.  One more comment about the 4066:  since the boom extends from below the ear (instead of above, as with the E6), it is more vulnerable to earring noise.

As far as gain before feedback is concerned, headworn mics tend to give you a lot more -- despite being omni -- simply because they are so close to the mouth.  I get at least 5 dB more gain before feedback from the DPA 4066 then I do from the identical 4061 chest-worn lav (not to mention is also sounds better).  In my sanctuary, that's also about 5 dB more GBF than I get with a hypercardioid (AT853) pulpit-mounted gooseneck.

Kent Thompson:
I should have been a little clearer in my GBF statement. Yes they are different patterns except for the sm58 (we use the cardioid capsule). I just find that I have to deal with feedback a little bit more at higher level than I do with the other listed microphones. It's not bad worse it's just slightly worse in my use. (I do realize it is not even a very fair comparison and also depends on the user knowing how to use each microphone.) Now if comparing it to a lav the E6 wins that battle handily.

The reason we are even looking at a DPA is because of the fitting on the E6 the user just can't seem to make it stay put so he has to use the double ear piece which works better but, we are wanting to see if we can find something that fits and works better for him. If it makes an improvement to the sound it is even better.
Like you said Arnold YMMV.

Silas Ng:
So I actually purchased one of those Microphone Madness headsets and tried it out today. The quality soundwise is very good. Hardly distinguishable from the e6 we have (but I can't say my ears are perfect although I am a musician as well).

For $100, it can't really be beat and will allow us to now have each pastor have their own personal headset. In comparing the e6, it was a little harder to stay on the ear because it doesn't have that rubber/silicone jacket that's on the e6 which gives a bit better grip. I wonder if there's something I can buy that will help it grip better to the ear. Otherwise, thanks to whoever posted about this mic and I hope it will last us a couple years at least!

luther fairley:
Where did you buy your from?

Lee Buckalew:
Unless things have changed recently the Microphone Madness mics can only be purchased from Microphone Madness.

Lee Buckalew
Pro Sound Advice, Inc.


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