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anyone using "samepage" music stands/monitors?

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Thomas Harkin:
Frank DeWitt wrote on Tue, 04 January 2011 15:17
I poked around and found this.
19" Touchscreen Performance Station with Software, 4GB    SamePage SPPS-M4  $950

Network Switch 24Port    SamePage SP24S  $700

16Ch Line Level Input Module    SamePage SPMX16L $1700

And the mix engine at about $2500 for 8 ch  (I think)

So, It looks like 10 stations will cost about $16,900 or about $1700 per person.

I don't own this system, I am just guessing based on this web site.



Thanks, Frank.  I didn't think to look at a retailer!


Chris Harwood:
I know a church nearby that has the setup all tied in with a couple Yamaha digital boards and will have to make an appointment to check it out.

The price is very comparable and all looks good that I've read on the internet... EXCEPT, is it a "fer reaL" and reliable product?

The music stands have been out for awhile, and I believe you'll see versions of them in orchestral pits, but I couldn't tell you if it's this brand or not.

Flipping different songs/sheet music on the fly, tied into OH projectors, rear wall projecting, texting to the booth, ordering pizza.... etc.  

Oh...but those "carnal" music stands!!

Maybe some one will chime in that has used 'em.

Thanks for all the replies so far.

Bill Beach:
we went with a very cheap 'imitation'.  we bought 19" computer monitors, have a computer on stage, and a VGA distribution amp.  we run 4 to 5 monitors on stage and one remote for the projection booth.  we have a floor switch used for changing the pages on the monitors.  they are mounted 'sideways'.  that is, normally the widest part is across the stand, but we mounted with the widest part vertically.  there is a part of the program which will allow you to choose landscape (normal) or portrait and we use portrait.  this gives you a screen relative the size and shape of a pieced of paper.  the Worship leader puts together a Power Point slide show with the music (basically words and chords).  that is run on the computer on the stage and everyone sees the same page at the same time.  and no papers flying off the stand.  no one accidentally going to the wrong page.
this system works well for us.  no touch screen and it doesn't mix.  but then we have the Aviom for mixing.
just some thought for the little guys out there.


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