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pro-grade electronic metronome

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Dan Johnson:
mark ahlenius wrote on Sat, 01 January 2011 22:55
Thanks Dick,

but I was looking for a piece of gear we'd have up on the stage and controllable by the drummer next to his kit.


The band I mix uses a Boss DB-90.  It doesn't have XLR outs but does have 1/8" and 1/4" outs.  You can save different settings in its memory.  We set up all the tempos for the show beforehand and then the drummer uses a footswitch during the show to advance to the next memory slot between songs.  This makes it a lot easier to transition between songs without having to stop playing and wait for him to set the next tempo (one song can flow right into the other with a different tempo for each song).  You could also use the footswitch to start and stop the beat instead of advancing the memory.  This may be a lot more than you are wanting to spend though.

At about half the price, the DB-60 looks like it can do most of what I just said about the DB-90 accept that it doesn't appear to have a footswitch connection.  I haven't used it though so that's just what I gathered from a quick glance at the website.

(edit) By the way, we have travelled with the DB-90 for a couple years or so with no problems whatsoever.

Benamin John Brunskill:
We use a Tama RhythmWatch, which was recommended to me by Rolf van der Flem (Hillsong) Yes, it's plastic, but it seems well made, and we've never had a problem with it. It can save tempos, and you can move between presets with a footswitch. This makes for some nice tight transitions.


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