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pro-grade electronic metronome

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mark ahlenius:

we have gone through several electronic metronomes for our church worship band.  All the units we have had used 1/4" TRS output jacks which we'd DI into our board and then out to the musicians via their IEM's.

The problem we have is that these plastic metronome units are not reliable, and the connections are flaky at best.

Has anyone had experience with a pro-grade type metronome which would have balanced outputs (XLR) and is more reliable than the little portable units?  

I'm looking for recommendations on units.

thanks much


Dick Rees:

A quick and easy free solution.

Another possibility with finer tempo adjustments.

mark ahlenius:
Thanks Dick,

but I was looking for a piece of gear we'd have up on the stage and controllable by the drummer next to his kit.


Try this

Have you tried miking one w/say a condenser?

Kevin Hoober:
Hey Mark,
Don't know of anything w/ an XLR output.  We've had really good luck w/ Korg's Beatlab.  I seem to remember that I had a hard time finding one a few months ago--hopefully you'll have better luck.

I use a 1/4" TRS to 1/4"TS cable (TR wired to T) between the headphone out and the DI or volume pedal.

Kevin H.


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