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Headphones for Drummer

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Tom Young:
If you are faced with the need to feed a line level signal into a mic input, a resistive pad will solve the problem.

You may be able to find one on the internet. 30dB (of attenuation, ballpark) should do the trick. You can also roll your own:

Andrew Cupples:
How about an ART CLeanbox or something like it, to convert balanced to unbalanced, and then using a normal headphone amp? Would that work? 868


Silas Ng wrote on Thu, 30 December 2010 14:37
So the rolls is a xlr mic level input. That wouldn't work with my line out from the matrix on the board, right?

I like the Presonus, but only need one output. Hmm.

The matrix out is a 1/4" that gets converted to an xlr on stage.

Yes, the Rolls would work.  Balanced matrix out 1/4 " TRS to balanced XLR Rolls in.

Tim Padrick:
You want something with a protective limiter, such as: wired-Bodypack-for-PSM-400-Systems?sku=243606

Silas Ng:

For headphones, I know there's in-ear ones. Do drummers (we have 3) ever share headphones? I'm thinking of getting over the ear headphones cause they're cheaper. Not really sure where to look though, should any "studio" headphones work like the Audio Technica ATH-22?


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