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Headphones for Drummer

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Silas Ng:
So we currently use wedge mons for everyone, but I want to get the drummer to use headphones so hopefully they play quieter and also hear everyone else better.

I was thinking of just using an output from our matrix (A&H Gl2400), but I can't seem to find the best unit to interface to the headphones on stage. I've looked at headphone amps but they seem to take an unbalanced line into it whereas my matrix line out is balanced. What else can I use in terms of a headphone amp/volume so the drummer can control the volume and hopefully there's some kind of limiter on it?

Would I have to get something like a PSM200 to make it work? Or use a small mixer on the other end?

Thanks! I'm sure there's a simple answer...  

Christy L Manoppo (okky):
u need an xlr or balanced input right?

try check this..

Kent Thompson:
presonus hp4 has balanced input. It is 1/4 though so an xlr to balance 1/4 cable/adapter will be needed.

Silas Ng:
Great. Thanks! You guys are the best.

Silas Ng:
So the rolls is a xlr mic level input. That wouldn't work with my line out from the matrix on the board, right?

I like the Presonus, but only need one output. Hmm.

The matrix out is a 1/4" that gets converted to an xlr on stage.


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