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How many monitors can I daisy chain per channel?


Shane Bonham:
Hi there- I run our monitors through a Crown XLS 802 amp ( We only have two aux outs on the board, so run them into channels 1 and 2 on the amp. We also have three Yamaha BR12M monitors ( /BR_Series_datasheet.pdf). Typically, we run one on channel 1 and the other two (daisy chained) on channel 2.

I am looking to add another similar speaker to this system (probably just another BR12M), but in terms of flexibility and training, would I be able to daisy chain three speakers off a single channel on the amp, or will I run into problems if I do that? Should I absolutely only run two monitors per channel?

Thanks in advance.


Kent Thompson:
Well your amp is rated down to 4 ohms. Two speakers(8ohms each) paralleled would take you to 4 ohms three would take it lower so no you cannot run three monitors off of one channel.The only one of those amps capable of running less than 4 ohms is the xls5000.
You need another amp to run the new speaker or put it on the same channel with the single monitor.

Gary Creely:
You may and may not have problems. From experience the XLS will act up if you are under your ohm rating and push the amp. You may and may not get away with it, but just be aware 3 on a side is past the recommendation.

George S Dougherty:
Also, match any monitors you put on the same channel so EQ needs aren't different.

Don Sneed:
On all our installations we provide 2-3 monitor mix, one amplifier per mix, we install QSC PLX-1802 amplifiers, these amplifiers can go to 2-ohms, this will provide 4-monitor speakers per channel giving a total of 8-monitors per amplifier....normally 4-monitors per amplifier. We do this just in case someone start daisy chaining monitors they will not damage the amplifiers...we use floor microphone boxes(mic. pockets)with 2-3 monitor mix & 3-4 XLR microphone connections per box. Our normal installs is 6-8 floor boxes, 3-4 boxes are wired for amplifier channel-1, the other is wired for channel-2. We do this for monitor-1, amplifier-1, the same for monitor mix-2, Amplifier-2, & monitor mix-3, amplifier-3....this will allow enough monitors without amplifier damage...the amplifiers is wired with parallel inputs for each monitor mix....since we been doing this, we have no more amplifier problems with overloading...


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