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Wireless Video

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David Sharp:
I'm not sure if a wireless keyboard/mouse would work well with easy worship. If we went that route though I would just get a little RF "clicker" he could use to advance the slides. Provided it would work within easyworship.

Worse case senario we have to run a seperate powerpoint show outside of easy worship and bring that up when he speaks. He should be able to control the show then. The only problem that leads to is not having a monitor in front of him. I'm sure he would be looking to the slides of the stage making sure he was on the correct slide.

There is definately a big cost difference between an RF setup to tie into the PC at the booth and a wireless video transitter and VGA splitter so he can have his PC/Mac on stage. This will probably come down to the pastor's preference though. I'll price the options and present both.

Matt Duncan:
Instead of dealing with the hassles of wireless vga transmission, why not just setup a wireless router in the booth? Install vnc on the projection pc & the pastor's mac. The pastor would be able to drive the projection pc remotely & should the wifi link go down, the operator in the booth could take over. Your costs would be next to nothing for this setup.

Chris Penny:
Do you currently have any form of video foldback for the pulpit? We installed a monitor at the front of the church a few years ago and it works quite well enabling those at the front to see what is on the main screens without them having to turn around. Not only is it great for preaching but is also useful for notices and acts as a confidence monitor for our vocalists.

For remote control of the presentation computer we just use a logitech USB remote which happily works from anywhere in the church

Timothy C. Lee:
How about the Apple remote that comes with your mac??  Not sure of the range, but I believe that's what Steve Jobs uses on his presentations.


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