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opinions on video upgrade


Christy L Manoppo (okky):
Hi guys..

We're planning to upgrade our video system in a couple of months..

our current rig:

1x VX2100 camera
1x sima sfx-9 switcher
1x datavideo preview mons
2x mitsubishi projectors (I can't recall the model number, but it's around 3000-4000lumens, also, these proj will stay, no plans on upgrading this.)

the interconnect we are using are done via cat5 (kramer 705xl, in a 1" metal conduits, like this..

I'm currently thinking about this camera;

the Panasonic AG-HPX500.
What do you guys think?

We also considered the Sony HXC-100K, but this one it's just too costly (camera body+lens+triax+CCU+etc).

About switchers, I'm considering:

For-A HVS-350HS, HVS-300HS, and Panasonic AV-HS400N..

Also, for cranes/ you guys have any info/solution for this kind of room?

I'm thinking about doing an inverted crane. So the crane will be hang'ed...

Thx for the help guyss....

- the new interconnect between cameras and switcher will be SDI, perhaps HD-SDI.

- anything else that I must consider of? I'm open to suggestions/recommendations. Consider budget limit is 40.000, probably going little bit more.

again, thanks...

Tim Urner:

Here is a link that is one of our customers. They are using 3 Panasonic AG HPX-170, with the Panasonic AV-HS400N They are running HD-SDI from the cameras. And key lyrics from a mac.

A few things to consider about the Panasonic 400

#1 is out of the box it only has SDI inputs and outputs, to go to your projectors you need a conversion, and that's not cheap. You can get up to 2 input and 2 output cards and they make them DVI, Component, etc...They cost from around $1200 each - $2000 + These guys have a dual DVI in, Dual Component in, a DVI/Component output. It does not scale, resolution in is resolution out all of your source resolutions need to match.

The big positive of the Panasonic is the preview/program multi view out. They have a 32" LCD that has all of their preview and program monitors on it

At first glance I am liking the Roland (Ederol) itchers/v-1600hd

It has multiviewer and takes just about every input.
Looks like it is around $17K but after you buy all the cards you need for the Panasonic you are there anyway.

As far as cranes and jibs, no opinion, if you feel thats what you need then go for it. PTZ...I really dont care for them if you have the staffing for cameras. For HD they are pretty pricey for what you get.

More food for thought, or confusion.

Tim Urner:
OH...HD-SDI is the WAY to go, if you cameras are semi portable. Just one easy cheap coax cable, and its a great looking format


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