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Simultanious Services - Single Pastor - - Video ?

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Brian Kent Tennyson:
Again, this is something I sell so take this with a grain of salt.

HaiVision encoders and decoders work great for this application. HaiVision guarantees a 70MS encode to decode so you can place encoders and decoders in each campus and do responsive singing/reading. The pair will run about 13k for the HD version. It's a very simple setup. They also have a full range of recording and playback through their Video Furnace line.

The catch is you really need to be buying a private network connection between campus's if you are going across town. Something like a MPLS from your cable company, or telephone carrier.

I'll shut up now.

William Sanders:
This is late but why don't you just run a line to the other sanctuary using amps to prevent the degradation of the signal? There are amps that have cat5 and audio inputs. check out extron's line of processors. but there are other solutions as far as products.


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