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Composite video ghosting, 50 ft run will an amplifier cure it?

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Arnold B. Krueger:
Jerrybosun wrote on Sun, 04 July 2010 19:41
Thanks for all your help.  FYI the unit did not fix the problem.

No surprise there.


 The units claim that it was an amp was misleading..  less than 1% amplification per 3 way split.

I suspect you misunderstand the basics of video amplification. Video isn't like audio where a little louder may not be a problem.

If you actually amplify video, the color and intensity changes. Amplifying is something like increasing the brightness and or contrast.

About the only time video is amplified is to compensate for losses in transmission. I think 10% (1 dB) amplification is the most I've ever seen.


 Looks like I going to have to open the walls again.  At least I can use old wire to pull the new.

If things get sticky, don't forget about cable lubricant. That all said, in general you can't pull cables through a closed wall unless it is inside conduit.


Can an Hdmi cable run that far with no degradation?

HDMI cables are usually pre-terminated and are constructed for their given  finished length.  After about 30 feet in-line amplifiers may be involved.


if not I'll cat5 with some baluns/

If you are going like 50 feet or more, line extenders with the specified level of CAT-XX  cable (may be up to 2 sets of CAT 5E or CAT 6) depdending on the length and range extender will be advisable.

Tim Padrick:
Tim Padrick wrote on Sun, 27 June 2010 19:31
Belden 8281 or 8281F would be the cable to use for this application.

8281 F can be soldered if you are using (oversized) RCA plugs (which I'd use only if that's what the gear you are interconnecting has).  I've not used 8281.


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