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Sub placement under stage behind stairs

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Blake Ross:
Hi Myles, mixed reviews but a lot of compromises occurred in my absence, as I was away during construction.
The carpenters/designers/many others involved decided not to build a closet under the stage, but rather built a proscenium in the middle of the steps at stage front that became the sub closet.
Unfortunately with the angle wall design they chose,  the closet was too small to put the subs end to end, so they are offset, with one sub in front of the other with a 4 inch overlap. I guess that's one way to introduce a cardioid sub design minus the knowledge of how to align it .
The subs are only used for our musical plays a couple of times a year, and never with high SPL. We have no praise band.
The subs are now out of the way and out of sight, and much of the audience is in the sweetspot for sound.
The misalignment of subs/flown tops is noticeable to me in other parts of the church but I think that centre clustered subs always have that compromise.
I will grab a picture for you tomorrow so this post might make more sense.


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