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Controlling house lights with DMX

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Yohann Park:
From all the research that I have done, I found only one that might fit my needs.  The issue is the type of input requirements. I want to be able to use the current dimmer feeds for the power. That would be 120v 20A single phase.  The only architectural dimmer I found that meets these requirements is the Lightronics at-402.  This dimmer will take single phase 20A input per channel and output four channels at 2400W.  I was wondering if there were any other companies that had any other similar offerings. What I am not completely sure of is how I will have a remote station that will work with the dimmer console.  I thought that you could only have one controller per DMX universe..Please correct me if I am wrong.

Christy L Manoppo (okky):
no... the remote controller will only controls the AT-402 dimmer. When a DMX signal is present, the remote will be locked out to prevent changes by an unknown person (children, for instance).

Yohann Park:
From what I have read, the wall switch is a momentary contact switch (that is hard wired to the AT-402) that will turn the lights only full on/off? Correct me if I am wrong. So if I turned on the house lights with the remote switch and then walked over to the console, the console would override the remote switch?

Christy L Manoppo (okky):
yes. It will block all comm from the switch. So the lights console will became the main controller.

Yohann Park:
What is your opinion on the Leprecon VX-2400 series one dimmer with 12 channels @2400W?  I have one currently and was wondering if I should get a newer dimmer since this one is about 10 years old.


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