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Where to start with purchasing new speakers

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Jonathan Johnson:
I'm not qualified to be designing flying speaker mounts, but I do want to point out that the strongest speaker mount available is still a danger and a liability if it's not also designed to withstand continuous multi-frequency vibration that the speaker cabinets will experience during normal use.

A 350-lb rating isn't going to keep a turnbuckle without a jamb nut from coming unscrewed, dropping the cabinet on someone's head. And if it's "over the piano," well, you've just lost a cabinet, a piano, and the pianists eye when a splinter goes flying out at lightning speed.

Kevin Willis:
I think you have gotten some good advice here. I would reiterate the one point being made: if you are not comfortable rigging a significant overhead load, DON'T DO IT!!!!

Having said that, I do see a couple of areas to the left and right of the stage that you could possible wall-mount a couple of speakers. There are a lot of low-end speakers out there that will fit your budget that could easily be wall-mounted and have omnimount inserts built-in.

A couple of people mentioned adding subs and processors. I would echo that, but add that you can add those elements as your budget allows. I would definitely have a come-to-Jesus talk with your board and let them know that $1k-$2k is only just the beginning.

Hope this helps! Don't be discouraged by the dollar amount. Figure out what you need and don't be afraid to ask, maybe even outside the board.

Russ Buck:
I'm still getting quotes and trying to figure out the best solution for new speakers.  I got a quote from a co./ guy where he wants to put eh speakers on either side of the room.  I am concerned because many people have told me this is not the best way to do it for my size room, etc.  Plus this last quote utilizes a powered sub for the crosssover of all the speakers. ( He talked about doing this to save $ from having to purchase a crossover) but he then adds $350 for a EQ.  why not spend a little bit more for a crossover that also have eq in it.  maybe $100-$150 more.


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