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Efrain Guzman:
Hello all!  I am hoping that ya'll are willing to provide me with some of your wisdom on our lighting issue...

We are going to install 8 par56 cans in this building we just moved into earlier this year.  The problem is that the ceiling is somewhat high but we are going to rent a scissor lift to get up there.  If you'll note in the picture below, the ceiling has a white coverings over the beams.  Off to the right you'll see that an AC unit was installed.  I was thinking that we can use the same setup to install some lights ourselves.  

The main question I have is this.  The beams are NOT I-beams.  They are just regular beams similar to the image below, except they are spread out more than the image below.  Maybe about 4-5 ft apart.  

We plan on attaching Galv. Gold Strut Channel.  I believe similar to how an AC unit was hung previously.  My questions is how do I screw the strut channel into the metal beams?  Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

justin waters:
When we suspend our HVAC units (I have a family owned HVAC business) we use that stuff.  We call it Uni-Strut.  Anyway, to answer your question.  You will need to drill through the beams and bolt it in place.  Then use washers, lock washers, then nuts on the all-thread that you bring down from the ceiling, both above and below the uni-strut.  

I haven't ever hung lighting this way but I guess it could work.  But as most of the people would tell you on this forum is get someone qualified to do this for liability reasons.  If it falls you dont want that on your hands.

Taylor Phillips:
Have you thought about putting lights on stands like this instead?

It might be a little tricky to get them into a place where they light the stage well and won't disrupt people's lines of sight, but I think it's be quite a bit simpler.  I don't have a recommendation for any particular one, I just found that example just now doing a quick Google search.

Efrain Guzman:
Thanks for all the input... I have a good starting place now!


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