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Video Hydra Projector Wall Plate Transmitter-Receiver System


Fred Dorado:
Has anyone used these? Seems like it might be a great simple solution. I wonder if it works 100&FTR=Video%20Hydra%20Projector%20Wall%20Plate%20Trans mitter-Receiver%20System&CFID=81441&CFTOKEN=99966800

Also, if you know about these, it is possible to have more than one transmitter?

or do something like have 2 of them. One from stage to sound room and one from sound room to projector

Brad Weber:
It would be nice if they provided more information or a reference to the actual manufacturer, but it is sort of ironic that while the Hydra had nine heads that product appears to be a simple one in to one out transmitter and receiver pair.  There are VGA, composite video and S-Video video connections as well as video and computer audio connections but each seems to be point-to-point, e.g. video to video, VGA to VGA, computer audio to computer audio, etc. with no conversion between them.  Thus you could use one set for getting from the stage to the Sound Room and another set from the Sound Room to the projector, physically jumping the video connections from the receiver in the first set to the transmitter of the second set in the Sound Room.

A few things about these particular products bother me.  One is that they have to be powered and while it is not clear if both plates need power or if both can be powered from just one, the only power connection is on the front of the plates, which is a bit unwieldy.  A second concern is the use of 110 punchdowns for the two UTP cable connections rather than modular jacks, they tout this as a benefit but I don't see it that way.  Finally, there is the 90 day warranty when competing products from better known manufacturers typically come with one to seven year warranties.

Fred Dorado:
brad, thanks for the info.

So far, haven't been able to find much info on them.

it seems a little pricey for me to experiment with at this point, but we will see


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