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Projector and Sound Question


Silas Ng:

I posted something related to this a year or so ago but now things have changed quite a bit.

We use a basement for the High School Ministry that has Music, Skits, Etc. Pretty casual. About 50-70 ppl/week.

Here is a link to Pictures that will give you a better idea of the space.

I'm looking for a good way to show Video and Lyrics that can be easily viewable by anyone there. The width of the back wall (dark blue colour) is 32ft. Between the two pillars it's about 25ft. The height of the ceiling is all 8.5 feet and the stage is raised 4".

We use ProPresenter for lyrics and also use Keynote for Sermon Notes, Etc. Right now you'll see we use a 50" plasma but it's certainly not an ideal situation. Especially for 50-60 ppl looking at it in a corner.

I think there are two options. To get a few more TV's, put one on the right pillar as well and maybe in the center back.

The other option is to use a projector and project it somewhere. If it's on the back wall, I think it'll be hard for people to see when there's people on stage. I was also thinking that maybe have an ultra wide screen right at the top ceiling (where you see the little lights are in one of the pics), and do some edge blending so it'll look nice but I don't know how big they can get without obstructing what happens on stage.

Any ideas?

I can take more Pics if necessary.

John Fiorello:
It looks like you have room on either side of the 'band' (kids singing) to put a portable projector screen and project on to the top half of the screen... I would guess you'd put it on the opposite side as the tv, since you already have your words there.

If you projected on to a 6' screen, you'd probably be able to get at least 3 lines of lyrics up there and be able to see them much better from the back.  And they shouldn't be blocked too bad from up front heads...  The only problem would be if you're running a single feed (no reason not to in this case), your tv screen will look a bit odd with txt only in the upper half or upper third.

But that might just make you want to move the tv back anyway for the people in the way back, or turn it around and on the floor as a confidence monitor.

That's what I would do, anyway



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