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Mic'n Drums with Shield?

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Brian Ehlers:
I think in your situation simpler is better.  I suggest no shield and mic the kit with one overhead condenser and one on the kick (on the beater head).  You'll get a nice, natural mix with little effort.  I wouldn't consider a shield in a small church like that unless you're really having troubles with the kit coming through the vocal mics.

But no matter what you do, it all comes down to the guy holding the sticks.

Timothy C. Lee:
It might help as well to know what size sound system you are working with...from the picture of the stage it looks like there are three small PA speakers maybe 12" and a horn?  I wouldn't worry about micing the kick if the system can't handle it.  The drums will be fighting the vocals on a small system.  Maybe just focus on getting the volume of the drums down?



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