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New FOH for small community theater...advice sought


Jason James:
Hello gents!
I'm being tasked with replacing the existing FOH setup in a small (425 seat) theater. I installed the current setup a few years ago, but it was all old used equipment and needs to go as we are having "bigger" acts in the coming months. This system will be used primarily for live, full mic'd bands. Vocal clarity and quality is the paramount concern.
Since the main system went down (due to rats chewing on wires!) I have been using a pair of K10's on sticks to get by. They seem adequate but do go into limiting at times. So far the best solution I've found would be to use the KW153's with perhaps a fill speaker (K8) in the middle/front of the stage. Due to the rats, all wiring will be in flex conduit!

Other info; Theater dimensions approx 55' wide by 120' long. Stage approx 30' wide by 18' deep. The theater has a single Yorkville LS800P and Driverack PA+. The main speakers will be on either side of the stage in "cubbies" behind acousticly transparent fabric. The bottom of the speaker "cubbie" is about 8' off the ground, part of my thinking that a center fill speaker may be needed ((not sure how to control the center fill, delay etc)). Will provide pictures soon. Any helpfull advice is appreciated.

Brad Weber:
The pictures will likely help tremendously, however it would probably also help to know any additional information such as what the rest of the system is, what power is in place, whether the 'bigger' acts expected may have any technical rider requirements, what sound levels you need to or hope to obtain in the audience, the acoustical conditions, your budget and so on.
You might want to reconsider the flex conduit approach, it's fine for short runs but tends to be difficult to pull though, if not prohibited by code, for long runs.  You might want to look at installing EMT conduit instead.

Tom Young:

--- Quote from: Brad Weber on April 18, 2011, 03:58:34 PM ---You might want to look at installing EMT conduit instead.
--- End quote ---

Or a cat ...... that isn't a pussy.

(are we talking NYC rats ?, Amazonian rats ? or just plain old "1 notch above mouse" rats ?)


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