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SL Ipad App

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john manson:
The new SL app looks great and has really changed my thoughts on buying a SL24. I do however have a couple of questions.

How can you control the channel levels when the faders aren't motorized?

Also one of the youtube videos I watched on the Ipad app mentioned that it will control upto 8 graphic eqs..... Is that 8 single 31 band eqs, 8 stereo eqs? So at the least I would have 2 channels of GEQ for FOH and 6 GEQs for aux/mon sends?

Taylor Phillips:

--- Quote from: john manson on February 06, 2011, 07:30:06 PM ---How can you control the channel levels when the faders aren't motorized?

--- End quote ---
This may not be right, since I have no experience with the SL, but I would imagine it would be somewhat similar to some lighting consoles I've used.  The levels are controlled digitally, the fader is just a physical means of doing so.  You can change levels all you want with the iPad app, but if you want to change a level on the board, the fader doesn't do anything until you reach the point where the fader level and actual level are the same and then you can use the fader again.

Chris Bender:
Actually to reset the faders when you return to the console:

1. Press the Locate button
2. Move your faders to match the fader settings that were set with the iPad (displayed on the console)
3. Press the Locate button again to turn off locate mode
4. The movement of the faders will control the board again

john manson:
Thanks Chris, so its kind of like getting the faders right with a scene recall (have only use the SL16 once about a year ago). Good to know, I was thinking that maybe it didn't control channel levels at all.


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