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SL Ipad App

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Matthew Haber:
Wow. This is the first time I have been even remotely tempted by the SL. I am still not going to get one since I do theatre sound and I need better (useful) scene recall functionality and moving faders but I would really like to see Yamaha release a version of Stage Mix for the LS9 and maybe even their not-officially-live-sound-consoles (DM1000, 01V96, etc) so I can stop having to VNC into the computer that runs Studio Manager. It is nice to see the Presonus is working to add functionality for existing and future SL owners alike.

Dave Dermont:
It took a while to decipher the shorthand, but I think Matthew is talking about this:

Matthew Haber:
Nope, I was talking about this:

Sorry about the lack of clarity. I figured everyone got the same Presonus email spam that I do.

Fernando Lopez:
What is the name of the app in the app store I cannot find it

I tried:

Studio Live


Robert Patch:
Word on the Presonus forums is that the app is finished and at Apple already, but it still has to go through the Apple certification process.  Doesn't do FX though.


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