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Pairing up SRX718S with a KW181


Glenn McClear:
Looks like these boxes are identical in size, close on the specs and the obvious: JBL/QSC and powered/non-powered.

Would like to get your opinion if it would be okay to somehow pair these two up to be used either one on each side of a stage or coupled in the middle.

I currently have the SRX718S and would like to add the KW181 for more bottom end.  Most of the time one sub would be sufficient (for me) at small places that is why I'm thinking of the powered subwoofer.

Fernando Lopez:
What about the JBL VRX918SP

Tim Weaver:
The quick and dirty way is to set up your rig and play some music you are very familiar with. Then add the KW181 and turn it on and off and see what it does to your sound. Does it cause everything to sound the same, only louder? Or does it do something else?

You can get them to play together perfectly if you have enough time/software/know how/patience/skills but it would be much easier to buy another SRX 718.

Glenn McClear:

--- Quote from: Fernando Lopez on April 13, 2011, 11:28:41 am ---What about the JBL VRX918SP

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the reply.  The VRX would have been perfect.  I'm considering the KW since it was cheaper by a couple $$$.

Glenn McClear:
Thanks Tim.  Actually, I almost got another SRX718S to simplify things and I have an amp that I could use on it too.

I just thought of using a powered sub to be used for smaller gigs and with SRX718s for medium size gigs with my band.  The PRX618S XLF is also an option I'm looking at but it's not as close (size wise) as the SRX718s.

I'm hoping I would be able to test them together at the store.


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