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Sound System for Large DJ Events

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Garrett Vander Veen:
I'm trying to start setting aside some money to upgrade my rig. I'm booking bigger events, making more money, and the Bag End rig (3 P-Crystal-R over 3 Quartz subs per side) that I normally rent isn't always available. I'm trying to create a system that will be somewhat modular. I do events anywhere from a hundred people up to 2000. Obviously, I have a smaller rig for smaller (100-500) crowds. Most of my rooms are single court high school gyms. Some are dual court gyms, and some are fieldhouses, but I never need to throw further than two courts deep. It all comes out to be roughly 120-150 feet. All of the content would be pre-recorded. My crowd is mainly high school students.

I've been looking really hard at an EAW JFL210 constant curvature array. It would be pole mountable for small events, and for larger events, I would be able to fly it and angle it down slightly to reduce the slap echo I tend to get off the back wall of the gym. I'm planning on 3 boxes per side (possibly four). For subs, I am planning on using 2-4 Danley TH118's. Everything would be processed by an EAW UX8800 to take advantage of the Gunness Focusing. Amps would be Crown MAi.

I'm open to suggestions on any element of the rig, so let me know what you think. Do you think this would do it? What would you change?


Tim Talbot:
What type of music are you playing ?

Garrett Vander Veen:

--- Quote from: Tim Talbot on April 12, 2011, 04:10:58 PM ---What type of music are you playing ?

--- End quote ---

Mostly Top 40, with a bit of electro-house type music. I would like the rig to kick but still have some boom for when I drop some urban stuff.

I was hoping my thread wouldn't get moved here. I also do a little bit of live sound, so I wanted to see some responses from some LSR guys.

Kevin Esprella:
What are you using now? Could you maybe build on your existing setup. If you are doing larger events maybe you can save money by adding on to your exiting setup and spend budget you have for the upgrade on possibly lighting. Hope that gives you a different perspective.

Also I'm curious on how you chose the JFL series for your tops and the Danley TH118s for your subs. FYI not being condescending. Have you heard them?

Todd Anisman:
JFL210?  Naw, I don't think that's a great choice.  For 2000 peeps you need a lot more throw than that, and the Low Mid punch you want is going to be lacking.   And Danley TH118's are awesome subs, but again on the small side for your top end Application.  If you have a UX8800, then why not go with EAW all around?  I think You are a prime candidate for a KF650 or KF695 Over SB850 Setup, unless that's too big & Heavy - You didn't mention if that is a factor for you.  Another option you mihgt want to check out is the JBLSRX722F, which can fly, but also does 2 a side nicely, and is very light at about 75 lbs.

I like a dual Low Frew driver for Electro House & Hiphop - a lot of those freq's are centered in those drivers, as opposed to your Sub-bass. 

And 2 courts deep is 200'...

Todd A.


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