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NAMM 2011


Daniel Cash:
Anyone going to NAMM this year? 

Any new on new products coming out this year?

Karl Winkler:
I didn't catch this until now... I was setting up the booth on the day you posted!

Lectrosonics is at NAMM, and we're introducing the Quadra digital wireless monitor system:

Stop by booth 6329 in Hall A and say hello.

Chad Costanzo:
EV Had Some new Powered and Passive box... Great price point and sounded excellent

EV new wirless mic at an Excellent price point and looked really well built

Shure had the Digital PGX wireless system and was also show a 500MHZ wireless that is not for sale yet

Crown had the XTI10002, XTI2002, XTI4002, & XTI6002 new look and a few new features as well

I did not see anything super ground breaking this year

Steve Ferreira:
The Shure Axient look really good.

Jack Kontney:
Shure Axient RF is a game-changer for the big boys. Has full backchannel communication to the xmitter, and a very clever frequency-hopping scheme to virtually eliminate interference/dropouts. It actually transmits a second frequency and switches before artifacts are audible, constantly sweeping and identifying best freqs available on autopilot. Plus smart lithium ion rechargeables!!! Should ship by summer.

Shure also showed the PMS 1000 in-ear system, which is fully networkable and has diversity reception (2 bodypack antennas).

Lectrosonics Quadra is a very interesting approach -- digital 4-channel IEM so performer can do e.g. stereo mix from desk plus have "more me" controls for both mic and instrument. Not sure monitor engineers on the pro level want to give the performer so much control, but having 4 channels within one bodypack creates a ton of flexibility. And it's got diversity reception.

Interesting: Shure PGX-D (shipping now iirc) and Lectro Quadra are both in the 902-928 band BTW. You can get about 4-5 simultaneous systems. Not a lot, but OTOH won't interfere with existing broadcast band systems...


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