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Is it ok to bend firewire cable?

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Ned Ward:

--- Quote from: Brad Weber on January 13, 2011, 07:44:48 AM ---A 4" diameter coil represents around a 12.5" length of cable.  The 8" length noted (24"-16"=8") is around a 3.2" diameter coil, so getting a bit small.

--- End quote ---

Critical word is "minimum."

Brad Weber:

--- Quote from: Ned Ward on January 14, 2011, 12:30:53 AM ---Critical word is "minimum."
--- End quote ---
Which was my point,  a 4" diameter coil would require a 12.6" cable length.  The 8" length Chris wants to address creates a coil of less than the 4" minimum diameter you noted.

Since it is in a rack and apparently coiling it would require a tight coil and tight bends, is there really any reason you can't just leave the cable slack?

chris fletchall:
Brad , I would love to leave the cable But we leave every rack we touch looking its very best we can.  I ended up getting a longer cable and makeing the coils  and attaching it to the back of the rack shelf one each side of the coil to help strain and keep things looking nice.

I will post a pic when the rack is finished.


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