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Author Topic: Please Read BEFORE You Post  (Read 41623 times)

Mac Kerr

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Please Read BEFORE You Post
« on: December 16, 2010, 04:11:25 PM »

Welcome to the LAB FAQ

What is the LAB? Live Audio Board (LAB) offers a threaded discussion group, for subjects related to the application of live audio for concerts and other like events.

    Subjects could include local and regional sound reinforcement work, audio in worship facilities, concert touring, musical theater, and business audio events. We do not discuss Studio Recording, DJ or musical instrument related topics at Live Audio Board.

Is there a charge to view the LAB?
    No, there is no charge to view, or post to the LAB

How do I figure out this forum software?
The general FAQ at the top of the forum answers your basic questions about posting, using the new features etc. If you need additional information, feel free to contact the ProSoundWeb webmaster.

Who is behind this thing, anyway?
    The LAB was started in 1994 as the live_audio mailing list. In an effort to have more persons participate, the list was moved to the Web and renamed live_audioWWWBoard, in early 1995. In mid 1996 traffic levels dictated that a higher capacity server was required.

    At that time Carlson Audio Systems in Seattle, WA kindly provided server space. In 2000, the site was purchased by Universal Concept Inc. and officially became The Live Audio Board. Most recently, in late 2002, the Universal Concept group of Web sites, including and, were purchased by Huge Universe, Inc., who also own and publish Live Sound International magazine.

This looks like a good place to sell stuff. Can I post for sale items?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT!! The LAB does not allow for "For Sale", or "Looking to Buy" posts. Any posts offering items for sale, or looking to buy, will be deleted. This includes posts looking for subcontractors or looking to hire gear or posts looking for work or offering a job.

I work for or represent a manufacturer or pro audio sales operation, what do I need to know to participate on the LAB?

    The LAB welcomes participation from manufacturers and their representatives. Although the LAB is primarily intended as a community where sound reinforcement users can interact with other sound reinforcement users, we welcome product manufacturers to become part of the community and share in this resource. However, there are a few limitations we place on those that represent or market specific products.

    One is not allowed to start a thread with the purpose of promoting a product which they represent. An example would be press releases, or notices of Web sites or updates to Web sites, or just plain old product announcements or promotions. We do not allow the board to be used for this purpose.

    We do not allow manufacturers and their reps to promote or suggest products when an open ended question is asked on the board. The only exception to this is when your product is specifically mentioned. An example would be if a poster asks "what kind of amp should I get". This is not an open invitation for the manufacturer to offer a suggestion. If, however, the poster asks, "what's the deal with the WhoopinWatts U69 amp used as a perpetual motion machine", and you happen to work for WhoopinWatts, feel free to respond to that post.

    If you feel you have an otherwise newsworthy item, such your lab was able to break Ohm's Law, you've found a way around the inverse square rule or find the lost South Park episodes, then by all means contact the LAB Mission Control, and if it's worthy, we'll let everyone know. Additionally, if, for example, your paint shop almost burns your entire building down, riot police invade your neighborhood, or an earthquake topples your facility, contact the LAB Mission Control, and we'll help get the word out to folks that everything is OK, or not OK, depending on your situation.

    Manufacturers are not allowed to use the board to survey or otherwise overtly conduct direct market research with the community on the LAB. Examples would be "Hey we're thinking of adding a GeeWizmotron, to our UXN product, what do you guys think?", or "What should we build that you will buy a lot of, I mean, REALLY alot of?". We don't allow it, don't do it. On the other hand, if your engineers (who we all know are the backbone of any real audio company) wish to discuss general and specific engineering practices, free of marketing and other promotional propaganda, then have we got a place for you. Using examples of the engineering of a particular product is cool, and heartily encouraged as long as it's done in a educational or engineering related way. In other words, Marketing Dept, don't use it to plug your stuff. Audio geeks are most welcome.

    We encourage manufacturers and their representatives to respond to comments, and issues regarding their respective products that are posted to the LAB. If you respond in a timely, truthful manner, without a lot of corporate mumbo jumbo, you'll gain bonus points with the community. Sometimes, someone may post something that is not at all flattering to your product or company. We suggest you engage them in a professional dialog, and discuss the situation. If you don't agree with them, and they are not slanderous or libelous, it would NOT be wise to contact the LAB Mission Control to get the post removed. If you can prove they are slanderous and out to get you, contact the LAB Mission Control, and we'll discuss it. Note, however, we WILL NOT delete ANY post, just because you, or anyone else, might not like it.

    If you are posting on behalf of your employer, and it is "official company doctrine", then please note your affiliation in your post. If, on the other hand, you are posting on your own free will, then feel free to use your personal email account, as well. Be advised, if you do post on your own time, that the above rules regarding how manufacturers start and reply to threads still applies.

Why is this enforced with such a hard line?

    Many people feel, that all of the Internet is public domain, hence they are free to do as they wish, without repercussions. The LAB is private property. The content is controlled by board moderators, following guidelines developed for busy audio pros to get the most from this resource.

We also offer stage lighting and stage services, can we post about those, too?
    Please use the appropriate forum for those posts.

How many people read this thing, anyway?

    The LAB serves several million pages per month, to a community of 100,000 plus unique visitors per month. Some of the largest names in pro audio lurk here, on a regular basis.

What should I include in my posts, to help identify me?
    Posts submitted, without a valid email address are subject to deletion. You can pretty much say what you want, but let other people know who you are, and your email address.

Are transactions logged?

    Yes, for security purposes, all transactions are logged. At no time are any log events shared with others, or are email addresses or other personal data provided to others.

Is there a post archive?
    There is a post archive. To access the archive, use the search engine located on the main page.

Is there anything else I should read before I participate on the LAB?

    Please read the use tips and guidelines. It was written to help those new to the board. You will also want to read our terms and conditions for use of Live Audio Board or review our privacy policy.

This all still stands.

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Please Read BEFORE You Post
« on: December 16, 2010, 04:11:25 PM »

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