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A/V over network

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Clayton Luckie:
I'm looking for a solution, and thought I'd get the good folks at the LAB to help out.  

Here at the church, we have our main worship service sent through a distribution system to go to TVs around campus (overflow, cry rooms, etc).  The problem, however, is that not every room is wired.  I thought a good thing to look into might be if I could send the A/V over the network.  The rooms in question are wired for network, but not the coax TV feed.  Does anyone know a unit that will take composite video and stereo audio, and send this over a network?  I don't want it to look like a webcam feed.  The frame rate and audio quality must be preserved.  In other words, can the quality be as good as an analog TV feed?

I hope this is clear.  Feel free to ask questions if I need to clarify.  Thanks!


Aaron McQueen:
Could any of these work?

I don't think you run these over IP, meaning there cannot be a switch/router in the path.  They sell a hub, but that looks expensive.

Also do a google search for video over IP.  These actually convert the audio/video to digital and then send it as regular network data.  These are designed for video conferencing, and probably more than what you need, and I am sure some quality will be lost in the A/D/D/A conversion.

If you already have the video distrution set up, you are probably better off just running coax to those other rooms.

Clayton Luckie:
Well, I'd need it to run over IP, since this would be going through multiple switches.  Basically, I think I'd need something with its own UI and IP address.  I'm imagining being able to stream it in Windows Media by entering in the IP.  

I might be living in dreamland with this thing.  I just want to see what my options are.  Thanks for the ideas and keep em coming!


Clayton Luckie:


This looks like the thing.  If the quality is good, it might just work.  Let the opinions roll in...


Aaron McQueen:
Ok, as long as in the rooms you have computer, you should be able to set up a computer and video capture card with windows media encoder to stream the video over the network.  You will have to do some work with fixed internal ip addresses and if there is a router/firewall open some ports.

This is an interesting idea and I may try it myself, as we are looking to distribute video in the future.  We have a video capture card, maybe I will do a test.


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