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Projector Lumens vs screen size rules

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Brad Weber:

--- Quote from: Arnold B. Krueger on May 13, 2011, 06:38:44 AM ---Don't forget about ambient light. Is there such a thing as "typical" amvient light? I don't think so.
--- End quote ---
Coincidentally, InfoComm recently presented a proposed Image Contract Ratio standard, which would be issued as an ANSI standard, for public review and from what I saw complying with that standard could impact many people.  Not only is the process of measuring and documenting both the ambient light levels on the screen and the projected image brightness on the screenn very specific, but the contrast ratios recommended are greater than the 10:1 ratio often recommended in the past with 15:1 and 30:1 apparently being recommended for many common tasks and up to 80:1 for some critical tasks.
This would not be a mandatory standard, so no one has to comply, however for professionals such Standards may well be considered to define 'industry standard practice'.

Jordan Wolf:
That's cool, Brad.  I'll have to keep track of that.

john sanders:


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