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Projector adjustment


Wade Davis:
Is there a user friendly way to set up a projector to insure optimum performance? Sometimes it seems as if our 2500 lumen BENQ image could look better.

Bob Payne:
Could you be a little more specific as to what your imaging problems are?  

For instance, does the image look washed out?  Do the colors look vibrant?  Image out of focus? Keystone problems? Are you using a projection screen or just projecting against a wall?  Does the image seem to vibrate or move around?  Rear or front projection?

What's the gain of your screen?  How big is your screen?  How many lumens does your projector put out?  How much ambient light is falling on your screen (in lumens/ft^2)?  Does the image look significantly better with any nearby lighting turned off?  How about at night with no sunlight streaming in through the windows?  

Are you feeding your projector via a composite video input / RGB / RGBHV / S-Video input?  How about your video source: single or dual-head computer video card? DVD player? VHS player? What video mode are you using (VGA/SVGA/XVGA/etc?). What's the native resolution of your projector?  Are you using 4:3 or 16:9?

As you can see, we need a little bit more information in order to help you out.  Maybe not everything that I mentioned above, but SOMETHING more!

Bob Payne

Wade Davis:
Wow. Believe or not you have given me a lot to look at. I will research what + or - effect each item you listed will have with
incorrect parameters.
Thanks a million.


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