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Taking one for the team, Rain/spoof?

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Douglas R. Allen:
  This is dedication. Anyone know who this may be? Pooch? Seems like a very temporary solution.
Seen this going around FB. Thoughts?

Douglas R. Allen

Brian Jojade:
For a light drizzle, looks like a fine solution to me.

Dave Garoutte:
Add a wide brimmed hat and you're golden(no wet neck).

Frank Koenig:
Is that a real poncho . . . I mean is that a Mexican poncho or is that a Sears poncho?  ;)


Bob Faulkner:
hmmm... I would think someone providing this much gear would have some type of tent for an outdoor event.  And the tent would be stipulated in the contract (no tent, no service).  And I would provide the tent. 


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