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Programs to make plots / diagrams for your systems?

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Carlos Lasuen:
We have a new discord server so you can share, discuss and suggest new things in an agile way:
If you want to be part of the Ridermaker community, you can join now!

John Schalk:
For simple things like a basic stage plot or trailer pack, I use Google Docs - Drawings.  Runs on most any platform that supports Chrome and your drawings are stored in the cloud so you can pull them up at the gig on your phone or tablet.  Native Google Docs files do not count against your free 15GB of storage.  I use Google Docs almost exclusively now with the lone holdout being MS Excel.  I have a couple of legacy spreadsheets that I don't want to convert to Google's spreadsheet format and I own a license for MS Office.  But all of my new show files are created as some form of Google Doc, usually a Sheet.


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