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RCF TT in Mono

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Russell Ault:

--- Quote from: Tim McCulloch on May 23, 2024, 07:45:46 PM ---{...} the description of the XLR-M output tells us it's a y-cord.

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I've taken advantage of this on a few occasions when something went sideways in the patch: if you end up running the cable backwards, this kind of link output will receive a signal just as well as the input does!


Tim Hite:

--- Quote from: John Sheehan on May 23, 2024, 06:07:30 PM ---Hi all, I have 2xRCF TT515 tops and 2xRCf TT808's. I want to use a single Mono FOH signal and link all four speakers, My question is, do the "link" connections pass the full range signal to the next box if I have the high and low pass filters selected respectively on each speaker, so in theory, I just link all four and let each speaker determine what to do with the signal? Its a problem room and mono is the best option in this case. I'd appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

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What you have planned will work fine. I own a couple of these rigs and do this for distributed audio. You can daisy chain all you want, the TT stuff passes a full bandwidth signal.


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