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Coaxial line-array


Robert Lunceford:
I was in Zaragoza, Spain a few weeks ago and there was a band playing in one of the squares. The speaker system was Lynx Pro Audio. I looked it up and the speakers are manufactured in Spain. The system was two "line-array" cabinets ground stacked on subs per side. The line-array cabinets struck me as an odd design as there are two coaxial drivers in each cabinet. It would seem that the HF drivers are spaced too far apart in order to couple properly.
The tops were not placed high enough to be above the standing audience. I went up next to the speakers so I could hear them without being blocked by the punters. The sound wasn't bad, but I also wouldn't say that the sound was good.
Here is the webpage for the speakers in use.

Geoff Doane:
Looking at the technical data at that link, it appears that each box has two 8" LF and another 8" coaxial MF/HF device.   I will offer no opinion on how well the HF may combine from two boxes in the vertical plane.


Joe Pieternella:
Bms 4508 is probably the driver used;As far as I know, it's basically a 4594/4592 on a line array waveguide.

The vertical dimension is 8 inches.

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