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UAD interface and processing rack options


Dave Horo:
I'm putting together a system to play 6 tracks (from Qlab) and do some vocal processing. Can I use one of the larger UAD devices like the Apollo 8x to do all of that on one interface? I would use UAD Console and Qlab simultaneously.

Or am I better off with a small Apollo for processing and something separate for track playback?

While I understand the onboard DSP and mixer will handle the processing load, I'm not sure about how happy the Apollo will be doing two things at once. Would there be any potential conflict with sample rates, buffer sizes, or anything like that?  Obviously the goal is to ensure reliability by offloading audio processing from the host computer so I'm looking at the most effective way to do that. Instinctively, I think separating the two audio paths is preferable.  But is it worth the added complexity of more devices, power supplies, USB cables and connections, etc.?
 - Dave


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