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For Sale : Yamaha Rivage CS-R10, 2x Rio 3224D2 & racks


For sale is this Yamaha Rivage Pm10 system. Only used in a permanent installation for less than 3 years, the system has seen less than 100 shows in total and is in absolute immaculate condition. The original price of the system was more than $125k, please consider this when making offers.

The system consists of the following components

1x Yamaha CS-R10 "PM10" Control Surface,
1x Roadcase,
1x Overview Screen,
1x Yamaha HY144-D Dante card
2 x Tensalite 12u Shock Mount Rack - hinged rear door, fans, lights, AC APC UPS,
2 x Yamaha Rio3224-D2 Dante Stage-boxes
1 x Yamaha Dante-MY16-AUD2 Card - updated version,
2 x Yamaha SWP1-8MMF 8 Port Network Switch -
8x Neutrik EtherCON + 2 internal SFP slots,
Misc Cabling, bolts, connectors, manuals

Total : $92,000.00

Serial numbers of all items, pictures, and video footage are available on request for qualified buyers

Domestic & International shipping is available to qualified buyers, fees and import duties depend on the destination and would be calculated on a case by case basis. For shipping, all items will be professionally packaged and the miscellaneous items boxed up and crated. The total gross weight approximately tops out at 192kg.

Before contacting me with any questions or making an offer, please note the following
1. Donít message me with ďis this availableĒ, if you see the posting itís still available
2. No Cashapp/Zelle or PayPal scammers
3. Price is negotiable, however low ballers will be ignored
4. If you message me regarding the listing, your message must include your location, company details and contact number. If your email or message lacks any of these details, your message will also be ignored.
5. Donít ask me if Iím willing to sell single items of the set, we only sell the system as one.

For anything that wasnít covered in the listing, feel free to contact me at any time.


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