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Question on a DMX Controller - What do I need

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Don T. Williams:
Scott is correct.  If these are PAR 56 cans with incandescent lamps, just chalk up the loss to inexperience.  Buy LED RGB or RGBA or RGBW instruments and a simple 4 channel DMX controller.  You will end up with what you desire without wasting money on dimmer packs (which still need a DMX controller).  Color mixing LED lights are the only way to go at this time.

Brian Jojade:
Yep, as everyone else mentioned, using 'analog' lights isn't worth it today.  They need 10X the power of LEDs and can be gelled to a single color only.

LEDs are cheap and easy.  A quick search on Amazon found a kit of 8 lights AND a DMX controller for $250.  Granted, the lights aren't going to be great at that price, but it's an awesome cheap starting point.  You can use that same controller for better lights as you grow.

A 'good' LED par is going to start around $75 each, with the "professional" level stuff 10x that.

John Schalk:

--- Quote from: Dave Williamson on May 09, 2024, 11:14:08 AM ---Greetings !
I am new and know almost nothing about stage lighting (other that it is cool)
I would like to get one unit to run all (10) lights.
What exactly do I need ???

--- End quote ---
If you're really brand new to stage lighting then I recommend that you spend some time on YouTube to learn about the basic concepts.  One channel that I like for this is called Learn Stage Lighting.  He has dozens of playlists on a wide range of lighting topics including a DMX 101 playlist as well as some for beginning lighting for DJs or Bands.


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