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Radiance hazer issue or normal


Steve Ferreira:
Hi all,

I have a Le Maitre Radiance hazer that seems to just spew liquid all over the place. Last weekend I had an event, the machine had been opened up and cleaned prior to this event. I never run the machine full on the haze. After the event, the big metal opening is covered in liquid and some liquid on the floor in front of the machine. I open up the machine and it's always the 2 middle round parts that are black and full of gunk after 1 use. The unit might work for a total of 1.5-2 hours max per night. I seem to be spending more time cleaning this thing than anything else.

Anyone run into something similar?
Am I doing something wrong? I let the machine warm up before I need to use it and stop using haze a good 30 minutes before the events end.
Using Luminous 7 fluid.

Don T. Williams:
That's not normal.  You have an internal leak and or a clogged nozzle.  Radiance actually has rebuild kits for the heat exchanger, so other parts should be available.  Great machines that just sip the juice.  Mine have been trouble free for five seasons of use and haven't needed to be rebuilt yet.

Steve Ferreira:
I have cleaned the nozzle and the hoses pre/post heat exchanger as per their maintenance manual. I will look into the rebuilt kits.

James Feenstra:
My first guess here would be a gasket issue- generally speaking they need to replaced every tank or two of fluid, and a not-so-great one can lead to these kind of issues


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