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Rechargeable laser range finder


Helge A Bentsen:
My Leica Disto D510 has a iffy camera and I would love to replace it with a new laser range finder with 100m+ range and rechargeable batteries.
However, none of those I find can charge by USB-C, they all have micro USB or something.
Since everything I carry in my travel kit from headlamp to MacBook can charge by USB C having one piece of equipment on a different charging standard is a bit of a bummer.

Does anyone know of a laser with USB-C?

Art Welter:

--- Quote from: Helge A Bentsen on May 09, 2024, 07:29:03 AM ---
Does anyone know of a laser with USB-C?

--- End quote ---
Googling "laser range finder with USB-C" comes up with at least a dozen different models from ~$50 and up, some of which even have brand names I've heard of before  ;)


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