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Author Topic: Looking for a dual-purpose subwoofer (Home Theater + PA)  (Read 377 times)

Seth Cloud

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Looking for a dual-purpose subwoofer (Home Theater + PA)
« on: May 03, 2024, 05:38:31 PM »

Usually a lurker, so first post here, and its a little inane but youll forgive me, hopefully.

Im looking for a subwoofer (or two, or three) that I will be using for both home theater purposes and events (weddings, parties, etc. possibly renting out). Ive read threads over here and on AVS on the topic, but Im trying to come to some sort of compromise, if possible.

For reference, I have two JBL two-way speakers from the PRX line (PRX712s) that Ill be using for L&R speakers (preouts on Onkyo receiver) Ive had these for years, but were finally moving into an actual home, so I can release them from their noiseless-bondage a little. At one point, I had a single SRX828SP, and I did a few things with that (my own wedding, being one), before selling it. Never hooked it up to a movie, because weve been apartment living.

I understand that in HT youre looking to delve into the lower frequencies in order to experience all that is available to experience, while with pro audio, the lower extension is difficult to obtain at higher SPL levels (which I wont be listening to in my home, at least for any extended sessions), and so many of the popular options drop off between 35-40hz, barring a few. I understand why this is so (cost, sub size, etc.)

But if possible, Id like to bridge some of that gap and achieve some of the low 20s at least in home without having separate subs for HT and PA.

My original plan was just to grab two SRX828SPs (because I know them, like them, and am able to transport them by myself), pair them with my tops, and forsake the lower registers see how content I am with (possibly) 30hz and up, and if later on I want to try for lower extension, either try constructing a DIY version of one of the HT Danley speakers or actually purchasing one of the TH-SPUDs from Danley to supplement the low end.

But, looking a little into it, Ive found some other options and am looking for others from you.

BassBoss their ZV28 seems to extend low into the 20s, and the VS21, slightly less. Wondering if even at lower levels of gain, if these subs still give some of those lower frequencies in an accurate manner.

The only thing that gives me pause is that Ive noticed some weird, almost ad-like conversations about their subwoofers when I research them on here or Reddit. And the only criticisms I see from their subs is possibly the weight other than that, its these blow everything else in its class (self-powered, somewhat affordable subs) out of the water. The conversations feel very hype-y, and many allude to a subwoofer meet up the founder of the company went to that became so outrageous, somebody from another building on the fifth floor ended up calling the police not saying theres necessarily anything seedy about them or the company, but the conversations just come off as a little odd to me and that leaves me unsure of what to think about them. So if anyone has any experience with BassBoss and their subs, that could be useful.

Other option Ive looked at is RCF 9007 AS which might be a little bit out of my price range this and the BassBoss subs are also slightly heavier than Id like to go, but with some solid casters and/or handtrucking, I believe I could manage no stairs to get out of my HT area.

So Im just looking for options within the self-powered, semi-affordable, semi-portable arena that I could adopt to a HT setting and would perform adequately (with some DSP and testing), and hopefully admirably, when theyre not in use for what they were designed for ie, making tons of noise.

There are also some VRX918sp in my area and around that are lightly used I could obtain for decent pricing but Im putting those on the same ground as SRX for frequencies.

Sorry for the long post, hope there are some decent suggestions to follow, and thanks for your time!


Mac Kerr

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Usually a lurker, so first post here, and its a little inane but youll forgive me, hopefully.

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