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RGB Floodlight to DMX wiring


Alex Malave:
I have a DMX decoder I was able to use with a small 25W RGB floodlight for my escape room. I simply opened it up and intercepted the RGB wires and it worked great. We wanted more light so I bought the 80W version of it and its exactly what we want. However, when I opened it up, I could not for the life of me figure out where to connect a wire to control the R, G, & B signals. Both the lights were IR connected but like I said I hooked up the smaller light and it worked for what I needed exactly. So wherever I can add a wire and control the RGB signal is what I'm looking to you all for :)

I have a pic of the old smaller light and the new opened light. The light I need help with is the larger of the two with the 4 rows of LEDs.

HEres the link to the new lights I purchased.

Paul G. OBrien:
The 3-pin wire at the bottom center would be my first suspect.

Brian Jojade:
It's possible that there's not an external connection for the control.  Some lights put everything right on a single board, including the controller and IR and whatnot.  Over-riding that would mean cutting traces on the board and a whole bunch of monkeybusiness.

If you're doing this just by guess, there's a real chance that something could go horribly wrong and create an electrical shock hazard.  Not really the best plan.


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